Madagascan Vanilla


Moist vanilla sponge infused with madagascan vanilla bean syrup, filled with a fluffy vanilla buttercream and raspberry preserve.

Valencian Orange


Moist Sicilian orange sponge infused with a fresh orange syrup, filled with a zesty orange buttercream and orange curd.


Moist coconut and lime sponge filled with zesty lime curd and a delicate coconut buttercream.

Cherry Bakewell

Note: Contains Alcohol

Moist almond sponge filled with fluffy vanilla bean buttercream and a black cherry & kirsch preserve.

Sicilian Lemon


Moist lemon sponge infused with zesty lemon syrup, filled with delicate lemon buttercream and lemon curd.

English Toffee


English toffee flavoured sponge filled with a sticky toffee sauce and luscious caramel buttercream.

Red Velvet

Rich red velvet sponge, filled with a fluffy madagascan vanilla buttercream.

Vanilla & Salted CarameL


Our new favourite! Madagascan vanilla sponge cake, drizzled with luscious homemade salted caramel sauce and filled with a vanilla bean buttercream.

Indulgent Chocolate

Beautifully moist chocolate sponge, filled with a smooth chocolate buttercream.

Traditional Fruit Cake

Our luxury fruit cake is packed full of flavour, delicately fed with brandy and is covered with both marzipan and icing.

White Chocolate


Beautifully white chocolate sponge, filled with a fluffy white chocolate buttercream.


Please note: We do not currently offer egg/dairy free cakes and we are also unable to cater for anyone with nut allergies as all our products are made in an environment that handles nuts. 


Prices Guide

Although all our cakes are bespoke and are therefore priced individually, we have set up a pricing guide to give you an idea of cost for our cakes. 


Wedding Cakes - Our naked wedding cakes start from £195, for a small three tier cake which serves approx 70 with fresh summer berries around the base of each tier and on top.
Our iced wedding cakes start from £240 for a plain iced, small three tier cake which serves approx 70, on an iced cake board and finished with satin ribbon. 
As our all our cakes our bespoke the price can vary widely depending on size, style and detail, so please get in touch for a accurate quote. 

Christening Cakes - Our iced christening cakes cakes start from £75 for a two tier sponge cake serving approximately 40 portions, covered in fondant, with a small amount of decoration, text and trimmed in co-ordinating satin ribbon. Each cake comes on an iced cake board also trimmed in ribbon. As with all our cakes, the above is just a guide and price can vary widely depending on size, style and decoration, so please get in touch for a accurate quote for your christening cake. 

Wedding & Party Favours - Individually Wrapped Personalised Biscuits
Our personalised vanilla biscuits are priced between £1.95 - £3.95 each depending on design. 
They all come individually wrapped, in cellophane bags with matching ribbon.

Note: There is a minimum order of 15 personalised biscuits.

Plain Iced Cupcakes (12+) -- £1.75 each (small discount available if ordering 50+ - enquire for more details)
Personalised Cupcakes -- £2.00 - £3.95 each (depending on design)
Rose Piped Wedding Cupcakes -- £2.25 each
Decorative Wedding Cupcakes -- £2.95 - £3.95 each (depending on design)
Individually Boxed Bespoke Cupcakes with Ribbon -- £2.75 - £4.50 each depending on design

Note: Our personalised and wedding cupcakes have more intricate designs and our wedding cupcakes include decorative case covers. 

Note: There is a minimum order of 12 cupcakes.

All our cake creations are bespoke therefore prices are given based on each individual order, so please get in touch for an accurate quote, however prices for our Iced Occasion Cakes start from the below. 

Iced Occasion Cakes - Prices start from:
8'' inch Cake -- £45
9'' inch Cake -- £50
10'' inch Cake -- £60
12'' inch Cake -- £70


All our iced sponge cakes are covered with either a white chocolate or dark chocolate ganache before the icing is applied. Please make us aware if you would prefer us not to do this and we can arrange an alternative for you. The flavour of chocolate ganache chosen is based on the cake flavour, however if you have a preference for this please let us know. Our traditional fruitcake is covered with a layer of marzipan and finished with a layer of icing. 

All our Cakes require a 25% deposit on booking and full payment is due a minimum of two weeks before the delivery date for Wedding Cakes and one week before on Occasion Cakes